Letters From the North is a quarterly radio program (KTOO-Juneau) celebrating Alaskan writers. Each program features local and statewide writers, storytellers and poets presenting work on a theme. Letters from the North is a volunteer project, created in the limited spare time of a very small group of people determined to celebrate creative spoken word forms on the radio.

If you are a local writer, storyteller, or poet and are interested in submitting your work for possible inclusion on the program, or in volunteering with production of the program please read our submission guidelines.

To contact any of us with questions about the website or the show, send email to lettersfromthenorth_at_gmail dot com (leave out underscores and convert ats to ampersands @ and dots to .s if you aren’t a spam spewing robot)


Ginny Mahar: Host, Author, Producer, Editor

Evelyn Richards: Producer

Jonas Lamb: Producer, Author, Music Director

Authors/Contributors (with links to websites/contact if available)

Katie Bausler, David Budbill, Mark Gnadt, Therese Harvey, Jonas Lamb, Ginny Mahar, Evelyn Richards, Bill Sharpe, Buddy Tabor, Emily Wall,
Ernestine  Hayes, Eric Boraas, Kurt Hoelting.