The current header image, “Letter from Helen Wilson Luzdadder, 3/23/1919“,

is used with permission of the Alaska State Library- Historical Collections, PO Box 110571, Juneau, AK 99811-0571

Our first header image used by permission was taken from Bob Zinn’s collection of family documents and pictures, “birchbark envelopes from letters sent from Alaska in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s by my Great Grandfather.”

During the early stages of the blog, I found this image while surfing and sifting called “Children’s Letters to God” (yes you can zoom) which I found too funny not to share here and to keep a record of in case we get tired of our current header.

While searching for a header to use on the site I came across so many uniquely Alaskan historical photographs and documents through Alaska’s Digital Archive which portray the early mail delivery systems used to keep Alaskans connected to the outside world.

Letters from the North features stories which are uniquely Alaskan in their perspectives, yet posses universal appeal to the human element that exists in all of us to maintain connections with others. As an Alaskan resident who is extremely curious about how life has evolved in this vast land over the years(17 years as a Department, 28 years as a District, 47 years as a Territory and 49 years as a State), I have found The Digital Archive to be a priceless resource and have provided links to a sample of collection items relating to mail delivery methods, the U.S. Postal Service and letters written by pioneers or members of the Russian colony to those outside of Alaska.


Jonas Lamb

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Poster from the First Friday Literary Series at the Juneau Public Library which featured authors from LFTN in February 2008. The poster was designed by Pat McGonegal.

Report from Ivan Veniaminov Priest of Sitka, to Meletii, Arch Bishop of Irkutskek, dated 18 April 1835 in Sitka (in Russian),4958

Angoon and Killisnoo Papers, 1878-1911 (dealing with Navy Bombardment of Angoon),2286

Arrival of the first mail in Nome by Str. CORWIN. May 30, ’06 (1906?),2171

Inside of the Valdez Post Office, 1896-1913,5824

Woman’s Army Auxilary Corps members sorting mail, April 28, 1945,5563

A girl and boy bicycling in front of the Seldovia Post Office, April 1964,1254

Arrival north bound mail stage, Gulkana, Alaska [ca. 1910-1920],366

First official airmail flight Juneau-Fairbanks, May 3, 1938,9243

There goes our job. (mail dogs from the Malumute Mail express watch as the first air mail plane flies over),9242