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LFTN #4: Home (61:17 min. total, start times for segments noted)

Aired September 2008.  This time around, writers explore the topic of Home. Ernestine Hayes (0:46) reads from her award winning memoir, “Blonde Indian.” Local playwright and world traveler Eric Boraas (16:45) discusses the pros and cons of staying put. Commercial fisherman and Zen meditation teacher, Kurt Hoelting (31:30), talks about his year long experiment in response to climate change, and Jonas Lamb (46:35) explores his roots through music.


LFTN #3: Work (59:00 min. total, start times for segments noted)
Aired March/April 2008. Features the essay, “Cultured” (1:03) by Ginny Mahar which explores the inner workings of the meat and cheese department at a gourmet grocery store, Evelyn Richards asks some kids that never-ending question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”(14:37) , Jonas Lamb interviews Juneau musician/housepainter, Buddy Tabor (18:32). Barrow author/superdad, Mark Gnadt shares his account of the toughest boss he’s ever worked for in the essay, “The Boss”(41:57), Jonas Lamb takes a moment to hold what matters with two hands in his poem, “The Key”(42:05), Katie Bausler (43:50) talks about work and shares her poems, “Sigrid” and “His Long Coat Turning” and Therese Harvey shares a glimpse of the preparation for the opening of the commercial fishing season and a moment of love from Hoktaheen inlet in her essay, “The Hoonah II Scow” (47:55). Below you’ll also find web-exclusive bonus material from Jonas Lamb’s interview with Buddy Tabor. You can purchase Buddy Tabor’s CDs and digital downloads at eFolkMusic.

A Conversation with Buddy Tabor, continued. (11:28)
Part two of Jonas Lamb’s conversation with singer/songwriter, Buddy Tabor, exclusively here on the LFTN Blog.


LFTN #2: Water (59:09 min. total, start times for segments noted)
Aired October 2007. Features an interview with poet Emily Wall (2:44), storytelling by Ginny Mahar (13:00) and Therese Harvey (51:15) and a poet’s tribute to a poet by Jonas Lamb (30:30).


LFTN #1: First Love (54 min. total, start times for segments noted)
Aired June 2007. Features storytelling by Bill Sharpe (1:38) and Ginny Mahar (25:16), interviews from the streets of Juneau (8:09;20:04) and poetry from Jonas Lamb (9:00).