Letters from the North is looking for interviews, essays, prose, poetry and stories by Alaskans. If you are interested in submitting your work please read and follow the submission guidelines below.

-Submit your work, or a synopsis of your work (in the case of storytelling), in the body of an email sent to lettersfromthenorth_at_gmail dot com (leave out underscores and convert ats to ampersands @ and dots to .s if you aren’t a spam spewing robot).  No attachments please.

-Please put “Submission” and your name in the subject line of the email.

-Don’t forget to include your name and contact information in the body of the email.

Because Letters from the North is a volunteer project, created in the limited spare time of a very small group of people, we regret that we may not be able to respond to each and every submission. If your work meets our editorial needs, we will contact you via email. Unfortunately we are not able to pay authors for their work; in lieu of payment all participants will receive a complimentary CD of the show in which their work is featured.

Thank you for your interest in Letters from the North. We look forward to seeing your work.

Northern Regards,

Ginny Mahar